The Surgical Treatment of Webs of the Neck, Genitals and Feet

Webs can be congenital or following trauma, especially burns or surgery.

They are unsightly, interfere with function and difficult to treat.

Of the congenital types, the Penoscrotal web is particularly difficult to cope with as it makes the penis look extremely short and interferes with penetration during sexual intercourse.

Since 1980, when I came across a description by Hirshowitz et al in The “Hand” describing a combined Z Plasty / Y-V Advancement 5 flap technique, I have used the technique in webs in various parts of the body and have had excellent results.


penoscrotal web before

Penoscrotal web before the surgical treatment

penoscrotal web after

Immediately post operative image using Z Plasty / Y-V Advancement 5 flap technique

penoscrotal web after

After surgical treatment of Penoscrotal web performed by Dr. Arianayagam

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