In a small percentage of boys and men, the penile length, while normal, appears “short” due to the presence of a peno-scrotal web, which masks the base of the penis on the “underside” of the shaft.


How can it help?

The peno-scrotal web is caused by the scrotal skin continuing into the penile skin, attaching on the underside of the shaft. The web creates a lack of definition which causes the penis to look shorter than it is.

Besides the social embarrassment that may be caused, there is also significant interference when attempting sexual intercourse.

Surgery to re-arrange the peno-scrotal web seemingly enlarges the penis, by making visible it’s full length. This has positive psychological effects and may also improve sensation during intercourse.



The first step is a consultation with Dr. Arianayagam. You should frankly discuss your goals and expectations at this consultation.

Dr. Arianayagam will ask you a variety of questions about your current health situation, medications, allergies and any past medical treatments. He will carefully examine your genital area before discussing the options available and his recommendations.

Ideally, a second consultation is had a week or two later to give you the opportunity to come back with more questions and to confirm your decision.



The peno-scrotal web is re-arranged using a technique call the “5 Flap Z Plasty”. The web is divided into 5 separate flaps of skin and then rearranged to eliminate the web and restore the separation of scrotal and penile skin. This permits the penis, especially in its erect state, to show its true length.

The surgery is performed under General Anaesthesia and takes about an hour.



Recovery time is usually two weeks. You will be given postoperative instructions which will include the avoidance of tight clothes and sexual stimulation of any sort.

The surgery is generally uneventful, especially when all postoperative instructions, including the avoidance of tight clothes and sexual stimulation of any sort, are followed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any surgery will leave scars, but they are made as inconspicuous as possible, using fine stitches and positioning the incisions so the scars will be difficult to see once they fade.

Dr Arianayagem will provide you with information and advice on scar management and minimisation.

As with all surgical procedures, there will always be risks such as post-operative bleeding, allergic reactions, and haemotoma.

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