A new injection treatment, approved by the TGA in 2017, now enables patients to permanently remove the fat cells that form a double chin, creating a more contoured jawline.


How can it help?

Fullness under the chin, usually referred to as a double chin, is a hereditary condition that sees sub-mental fat build-up below the chin. It can detract from the balance of your facial features, creating a heavy, pre-maturely aged look.

Until recently the most effective solutions involved surgery. However, a new injection treatment now offers a non-surgical way to remove the extra layer of fat around the chin.



The first step when you are considering this procedure is a consultation with Dr. Arianayagam.

He will ask you a variety of questions about your current health situation, medications, allergies and any past medical treatments, before carefully examining your chin, neck and face. He will then discuss the options available and his recommendations.

At the conclusion of this initial consultation, you may receive your first injection, depending on your discussions with Dr. Arianayagam.

Additional injections will be scheduled based on the recommended treatment plan.



Each treatment session involves multiple small injections over the treatment area. A local anaesthetic is used prior to injection so each treatment is painless. Sessions are usually repeated 3 times at 2-monthly intervals.

The injection uses a formula* that includes deoxycholic acid, a chemical found naturally in the body that helps to absorb fat from food. This is injected directly into the fat in the double chin area and works to permanently destroy fat cells. As these cells break down, the fatty contents will be naturally metabolised and excreted.

Once the fat cells have been destroyed they can no longer store fat, so the effects are permanent.



Immediately following your injection you should expect some swelling in the treatment area. This means your treatment is working. Ice and panadol can be used to relieve any discomfort that results.

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment involves 2-4 injections with two months between each session. Results are gradual. Changes to your appearance will take up to 6-weeks to start to become visible.

Over time your chin area will become more contoured.

The chances of complications are extremely limited so long as a qualified and trained medical professional conducts this treatment.

Treatment by unqualified clinicians, without sufficient understanding of facial anatomy, could result in the injection formula coming into contact with the nerves, causing temporary paralysis that will last between 6 and 8 weeks.

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