Skin Care & Protection

The largest organ in the body is remarkable for its multiplicity of functions, including protection, temperature regulation, capacity for absorption as well as the ability to create Vitamin D, an essential nutrient.

Skin care – a long term approach

It is a commonly held belief that the sun damage inflicted in one’s youth, through excessive but enjoyable beach activities, is a permanent problem.

Nothing could be further from the truth and it is never too late to start on a long-term skin maintenance programme. One of nature’s great blessings is the ability of skin to regenerate. The cells in the superficial or upper layer of skin are constantly turning over, with new cells forming in the base and going upwards and finally literally “falling off”. This is the white, dry flakes seen on skin, especially in winter. Hence, regular skin care to protect the newer cells formed, will gradually improve the quality of skin, making it soft, supple and shiny and more durable. If this sounds like the care we give expensive leather shoes and handbags; it is, as our skin is very similar to the hide from which good leather is made.

Skin care – the basics

The skin has sebaceous (oil) glands that secrete sebaceous material to oil the skin and to soften it. Nature does not always get the balance right as there are some with dry skin and others with oily skin and yet others with “normal” skin.

Our normal activities and dry weather, air-conditioning and bright lights all contribute to cause dry skin. This is compounded by age, as the skin gets thinner and secretes less sebum (oil).

To counteract all of this and to protect the skin, skin care should be regular, like brushing your teeth, twice daily at least.

Soap usage should be kept to a minimum, for dirt removal only. Use a body wash for showering, as this adds moisture to the skin but feels “soapy”. After you shower, do not rub vigorously with your towel but dab gently and massage moisturiser into all your skin, not just the face.

There are a wide variety of moisturisers available, with various grades, qualities and perfumes, making it easy to find a satisfactory choice for regular use.

Dr. Arianayagam works with all his patients to help them establish good skin care practices.

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