Hyperhidrosis is a condition where the sweat glands in the skin are hyperactive. The condition generally runs in families and is embarrassing and uncomfortable.


How can it help?

Botox or Dysport, the products we think of for anti-wrinkle treatment, are used in the treatment of for hyperhidrosis. They are injected in the area affected to reduce stimulation of the sweat glands by the nerves that stimulate them.



Fine needles are used to inject the toxin into the sweat glands. The procedure takes about 20 minutes depending on the number of areas to be treated. Pain and discomfort is minimal and transient.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes time for the nerves to the sweat glands to be blocked, so most patients start to notice a reduction in sweating in a few days. The resultant improvements generally lasts 6-7 months.

Medical treatment may help some people, and should be tried before considering the toxic injections. Other options include surgical removal of the sweat glands and major surgery involving nerve divisions. Dr. Arianayagam will discuss all options in detail during your initial consultation.

As with all surgical procedures, there will always be risks such as post-operative bleeding, allergic reactions, and haematoma.

There are also some risks and complications that are specific to a face lift.

Facial Asymmetry

Very occasionally a face lift may result in facial asymmetry. It is important not to judge too quickly because it can take months for the results of your surgery to settle. However, if asymmetry remains a problem it is possible to address this with corrective surgery.

Altered Facial Sensation

Numbness after any surgery is common. This should be expected to last for several weeks or months following the procedure.

Skin Necrosis

Very rarely a face lift may result in skin necrosis, which is the death of the skin tissue. This happens when not enough blood and oxygen is supplied to the skin area. The risk of skin necrosis is significantly higher amongst smokers.

Facial Nerve Damage

Occasionally a face lift can result in damage to branches of the facial nerves. Usually this is temporary and will resolve itself in 6-12 months.

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