Coffs Harbour

The primary point of contact for our Coffs Harbour patients is the relaxing Scarba Street Clinic.

initial consultation

Initial Consultation

If you live in or near Coffs Harbour, your initial consultation will be held in Dr. Arianayagam’s office at our Scarba Street Clinic. The clinic is in the well-appointed Scarba Centre for medical specialists. You will be greeted by our patient care team, who are available to answer any questions you may have before or after your consultation. In the relaxing and attractive waiting area you can enjoy our treasured collection of artworks, or read a magazine. If you happen to be a cricket tragic like Dr. Arianayagam, then make sure you look out for his well-loved collection of memorabilia!



All procedures are carried out in Coffs Harbour, but the precise location depends upon the type of treatment. Laser and injection therapies are generally carried out in the Scarba Street Clinic. Other day procedures may be carried out at the Scarba Street Clinic or at Baringa Day Surgery. Any procedure requiring an overnight stay will be carried out at Baringa Private Hospital or Coffs Harbour Health Campus.

follow-up care

Follow Up Care

Follow up care varies greatly from procedure to procedure. Our staff will be available to answer questions and concerns that may arise on the telephone. Follow up appointments with Dr. Arianayagam will generally be held at Dr. Arianayagams’ office at the Scarba Street Clinic.



We pride ourselves in “being there” for our patients. As mentioned above, our patient care team is only a phone call away if you have questions or concerns before or after your procedure. Where the situation warrants, Dr. Arianayagam is able to speak to patients over the phone to give reassurance regarding concerns.

Locations in Coffs Harbour

Scarba Street Clinic

Baringa Private Hospital

Coffs Harbour Health Campus

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