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There is a misconception that plastic surgery is exclusively the domain of women. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, over the last 10 years there has been a huge increase in cosmetic surgery for men. It should surprise no one that men want to look good too. We see men with a wide variety of motivations. Many come in to tackle features that have bothered them for years, like protruding ears or an asymmetric nose. Some want to look younger and fitter to improve their chances of getting a job. Still others have reentered the dating scene later in life and want to boost their confidence. And many men are encouraged to come by their partner, wife or girlfriend.

Some procedures are for men only. Others are common to men and women, but may be tackled slightly differently to suit masculine demands. We can even help men with issues related to excessive sweating or migraine headaches.

How Can We Help?

"Man Boobs" (Gynaecomastia)

“Man Boobs”, or growth of male breast tissue, can be the result of puberty, weight gain, anabolic steroid use or aging. However it develops, it can be embarrassing for men. Male breast reduction surgery removes excess fat and breast tissue to create a flatter, firmer chest area.

Male Breast Reduction

Body Contouring

Men have a proclivity to develop fatty deposits around the abdomen and lower back. Often this fat is resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction can literally sculpt a more masculine physique. When a man has lost a substantial amount of weight a tummy tuck may also be done to remove sagging abdominal skin.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Fat Grafting

Facial Features

Most men want a strong, masculine looking face. As men age their jowls and neck begin to sag, so face lifts and neck lifts for men often focus on strengthening the jawline. To get rid of puffiness and bags around the eyes, many men undergo eyelid surgery.

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is very common amongst men, particularly after sports related injury or trauma. Protruding ears is another common concern. As most men wear their hair short, protruding ears are hard to hide, and can interfere with wearing a hat or helmut.

Face Lift Neck Lift Brow and Forehead Lift

Facial Rejuvenation

Men seek out facial rejuvenation treatments for much the same reason that women do: to look more youthful. However, the approach needs to be different with men. The male face needs to retain expression lines and a strong bone structure. And men are particularly sensitive about looking like they’ve “had work done”. Dr. Arianayagam is experienced in the subtle use of injections and dermal fillers to subtly rejuvenate the male face.

Neck & Chest Rejuvenation Facial Rejuvenation Anti Wrinkle Injections Dermal Fillers

Private & Personal

Men do seek out plastic surgery for intimate reasons. PCLS is experienced in correction of peno-scrotal webs which make the penis look short. We also provide extremely successful, non-surgical treatment for excessive sweating and injection therapies that have remarkable results in treating migraines.

Short Penis Corrective Surgery Excessive Sweating Migraine Management

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