Skin Cancer & Reconstruction

Plastic surgery is not all about a desire to remain youthful and attractive. There is a very serious side to this practice.

Skin cancer is the third most common cancer in both Australian men and women, and the most common cancer in Australians aged 15-44 years. Much of our work is in the prevention, detection and removal of skin cancers.  Patients come to us following trauma or burns, wanting to regain functionality and confidence in their looks. Where illness or trauma has left its mark on a patient’s body, our objective is to restore functionality and appearance to as close to “normal” as possible.

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Skin Cancer

Skin care is a principal concern for Dr. Arianayagam. He runs Total Body Checks to check for cancers and works with many of his patients to teach them best practice in skin care & protection. Where skin cancers or pre-cancers are discovered he specialises in both laser and surgical removal of cancers, moles or lesions.

Skin Care & Protection Skin Cancer Surgical Removal & Reconstruction Skin Cancer Laser Removal Total Body Skin Check Birthmark Management

Trauma & Injury

Dr. Arianayagam conducts many procedures to restore functionality and appearance after trauma. Hand surgery is common to correct soft tissue damage, remove ganglions and correct conditions such as carpal tunnel or Dupeytren’s disease. Surgical procedures are available to correct torn, damaged or elongated earlobes, or to correct and balance noses broken in falls or sporting incidents.

Nose (Rhinoplasty / Septoplasty)


Good management to scars is a critical to achieving good results from plastic surgery. It is important to focus on scar management after any operation. Dr. Arianayagam works with patients to teach best practice scar management techniques. Where patients are unhappy with scarring from previous surgical procedures he is also able to revise, improve and reduce scarring.

Scar Revision

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