The Mummy Makeover

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding change a woman’s body. Most effects will be reversed over time. But even with regular exercise and good diet, some changes can be permanent, leaving women self conscious about their bodies. If you feel it’s time for a “mummy makeover”, then PCLS has a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures that help to return your body to its pre-pregnancy state. Dr. Arianayagam will consult with you to determine which procedures are right for your body. We have listed below the procedures most commonly considered post-pregnancy.

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Body Contouring

Pregnancy will stretch the abdominal area, which can leave excess or loose skin once you return to your normal weight. A tummy tuck tightens the belly skin and abdominal muscles and removes stretch marks, for a slimmer, more contoured look.

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and breast feeding can cause the storage of excess fat that just will not budge, especially in the mid-section. Liposuction removes stubborn pockets of fat to shape your body back to its pre-pregnancy contours.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Liposuction


Breastfeeding can cause your breasts to lose volume, leaving them looking deflated and smaller.   Breast augmentation (with implants) can restore your breasts’ fullness and improve their shape.

Fat grafting can also be used to transfer fat from other areas of your body, usually thighs, belly or buttocks, to fill out the breasts.

As breasts are stretched over time, particularly through multiple pregnancies, the result can be excessive loose skin and sagging breasts. A breast lift (mastoplexy) will address unwanted sagging, leaving you with firmer breasts and better positioned nipples.

Fat Grafting Breast Lift Breast Augmentation

Caesarian Scars

Following a C-section your scar should mature and fade into a pencil thin line. (See our advice on scar management.) If the scar does not heal properly then a surgical scar revision can improve the appearance, turning an ugly scar into a fine line.

Scar Revision

Facial Treatments

Pregnancy often affects a woman’s skin. Hormonal changes can cause acne or skin pigmentation that continue after childbirth. Facial rejuvenation using an IPL or CO2 laser can remove or diminish skin imperfections and reduce wrinkles.

Many women also consider anti-wrinkle injections or even a mini facelift post-pregnancy, to make them feel younger and refreshed.

Facial Rejuvenation Anti Wrinkle Injections Face Lift

Genital Area

Scarring in the sensitive vulva area is sometimes seen if an episiotomy done at the time of delivery. This can be improved with injection therapy or scar revision therapy.

Scar Revision

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