Are you worried about your breast implants?

The recent withdrawal of textured breast implants from the Australian market by the TGA has contributed to more concerns amongst women with breast implants about the risks of BIA – ALCL (breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma). Removal of implants (explanting) is being sought by many of these women.

There is an urgent need for perspective in this matter. About 1.5 million women worldwide have breast augmentation annually while the total number of women diagnosed with the above problem over the years is only approximately 800.

Based on the above facts and with the benefit of many years of experience, my advice is:

  1. Use only smooth breast implants as no reported cases of BIA – ALCL involves a smooth implant.It takes about seven years before problems occur, so do not rush into treatment.
  2. Pain, swelling and fluid collection in the implanted breast is not always due to BIA – ALCL.
  3. If you are asymptomatic, don’t do anything.
  4. If you are symptomatic, get the implants removed and replaced with smooth, round implants.
  5. If you are diagnosed with the problem, seek treatment with a Plastic Surgeon with expertise in this matter

Since August 2018, I only use smooth, round gel implants.

If you have a problem or concerns, please come and see me for assessment, advice and if necessary, treatment.

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