Radiological Examination of the Breasts after Breast Implants

A mammogram every two years from the age of 50 (from the age of 40 in women with a family history) is a well-established procedure which is safe and reliable.

The situation changes once breast implants are placed within the breast for augmentation or mastopexy plus augmentation.

The mammogram examination does not have the ability to go past the breast implant and therefore effectively only 50% of the breast is examined. Further, there is extreme compression of the breasts and implants during the examination, causing significant discomfort and pain to the patient as well as carrying a risk of causing damage to the implants.

On the contrary, with breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), no compression or radiation is required and the whole breast and implant are examined.

Hence, all patients with breast implants are strongly recommended to have MRI examination of the breasts at 2 yearly intervals.

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