Genito Urinary Symptoms (GUS) after Menopause and the “Mona Lisa” Treatment

Viagra, first released in 1998, has made a great difference to the prolongation of sexual activity in men.  However, there has been no similar solution for problems in older women.

Genito Urinary Symptoms are caused by an age-related decrease in hormonal levels which cause vaginal dryness, itching and burning, making sexual intercourse painful and also contributing to bladder and urinary tract infections and incontinence.

Many treatments are available but generally not offered early as there is a long-standing reluctance among doctors to consider that postmenopausal women wish the intimacy of sexual intercourse with their partners. This is in sharp contrast with the treatment of middle-aged and older men and their erectile dysfunction problems!

While there are many drugs and creams used in attempts to improve matters for the postmenopausal woman, the great breakthrough came with the adaptation of Carbon Dioxide  laser for use in the vagina.

Carbon dioxide laser has been used with great effects to improve ageing skin on the face. However this application is on a flat surface, as opposed to the vagina, which is tubular and long.

The recent advance (first developed in Italy, with the Mona Lisa fractional CO2 laser) of the ability to deliver Fractional CO2 laser to the vagina results in “regeneration” of the vaginal mucosa, making it thicker, stronger and with the ability to lubricate the vagina, enabling painless and pleasurable intercourse for women who have been deprived of this very normal activity for  considerable periods of time.

This treatment is now available at the Plastic Cosmetic Laser Surgery Centre in Coffs Harbour

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