Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation increases breast size and volume with the use of breast implants.
It is also done to correct mild breast ptosis (breast droop) or asymmetry
The results give a very dramatic improvement in appearance as well as a significant confidence boost to the patient.
While there are various types of implants available, the safest and probably the best are the high cohesive silicon gel implants with a textured ( rough ) outer capsule. The great advantage they offer is the lack of gel dispersion in the unfortunate event of an implant rupture.
Saline filled implants are rarely used as they carry a high ( 20% ) risk of implant leak.
There are round as well as biodimensional (natural looking ) implants available. The biodimensional implants are preferred as they give a very natural look with or without clothes on, rather than the “breast Implanted “ look with the use of round implants.
The timing of breast implant surgery is variable.
Many young women choose to have the surgery anytime after the age of 18 due to low breast volume causing great embarassment about their body contour.
Others are those who have lost breast volume or have developed breast droop after pregnancies.
Sometimes, there is a need to combine a breast lift operation with augmentation to correct post pregnancy breast volume and droop.
Breast implants also have a role in breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer.

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